Trump Ordered Lunch For Chris Christie Like A Controlling Date (AUDIO)

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and Donald Trump are quite a bit alike in some ways. Both are from the New York City metro area. Both have a management style that can only be described as “dictatorial.” Both have had their share of legal trouble. So it was only natural that their similarities would bring them together as BFFs. But when Christie recently visited the White House with his wife, he was the subject of a bizarre and embarrassing moment at the hands of the Orange Emperor.

Christie and his wife Mary Pat visited the White House on Valentine’s Day. When you dine at the presidential mansion you get a menu to order from, and if you don’t like your choices, you can ask for something else. Everybody at the luncheon made their own choices, with the exception of the governor. According to Christie, Trump made him eat the meatloaf.

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Was he fat-shaming? Hard to say, since Christie reported that Trump also had the meatloaf. Given what we have seen of Trump so far, it’s more likely that he was saying to Christie, “This is what you can do when you’re president. I say you’re gonna have the meatloaf, so guess what? You’re gonna have the damned meatloaf. Any questions?”

So Christie had the meatloaf.

On Thursday morning the governor was guest-hosting a New York radio sports show when he was asked about it by one of the other hosts. Christie described what had happened, then laughed it off. But he pushed back when one of the other hosts said the incident seemed to be “emasculating,” and noted that Trump didn’t tell Christie’s wife what she should eat because that would have been “disrespectful.” Christie observed that Trump has known his wife for a long time, and he would have been ok if Trump had ordered for her, too.

Here is what Christie had to say about this strange event:

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