Trump Proudly Declares His Supporters Were ‘Violent’ During The Campaign (VIDEO)

During his entire presidential campaign, Donald Trump maintained that his supporters were nice people and his rallies were the safest place on Earth. It looks like, however, he has finally dropped that load of bullshit and is ready to own it….kind of. Trump made a stop in Orlando, Florida on his circle-jerk tour Friday night and bragged that his “vicious, violent” supporters won the election for him:

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You people were vicious, violent, screaming, ‘Where’s the wall? We want the wall!’ Screaming, ‘Prison! Prison! Lock her up!’ I mean you are going crazy. I mean, you were nasty and mean and vicious and you wanted to win, right? Now, same crowds, that’s right ‘deplorables.’ Whatever happened to the deplorables, right? There not so deplorable. They’re not so deplorable anymore. In fact, the other side is trying to figure out,’well, in four years, how do we get some of these deplorables to our side,’ right? But now, now it’s much different. Now you’re laid back, you’re cool, you’re mellow. You’re basking in the glory of victory.

Trump bragged as if it were perfectly fine that his amped up, white trash supporters assaulted people at his rallies. As if it were fine that they assaulted people on the street. All of that was cool because they won. And because they won now they are sweet little pussy cats who are no longer violent. I mean, not violent as long as you ignore all of their post-election violence. But who cares! Whatevs, the truth has never been Trump’s thing anyway, why should he start now?

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Oh and the idea that Democrats want his deplorables is laughable. We don’t want anything to do with his bigoted, racist, xenophobic “poorly educated” supporters. They are still entirely deplorable and frankly, they can go fuck themselves.


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