Trump Replaced His Controversial Twitter Banner…So Let’s Talk About The New One

After Orange Droolius made a fool of himself by using his own ridiculous, paranoid tweet for his Twitter cover, he tried a couple of alternatives. What he has settled on is the epitome of white privilege pictures that just happens to be nearly the entire Republican Party in Congress:

What can we learn from this picture besides the fact that Trump’s photographer has the ability to organize 40 people to give a simultaneous thumbs up? We learn that the American people, who vote Democratic by a large margin but get screwed by gerrymandering and voter suppression, are being represented in Washington by a majority party made up of old white men with gray hair and a few women here and there. The minorities who represent the Republican party were either absent that day or not invited to join the fun.

What we can learn is that the Butternut Bigot and the corporations who own him — whose boards of directors look just like this picture — have somehow managed to install yet another government by the old white man, of the old white man and for the old white man. None of these people give a shit about you, your family, your problems, your employment, your tax rate or your happiness. They care about one thing and one thing only: Wealth.

For eight years we saw pictures like this change to represent the real America. We saw a great man try his hardest to bring America into the 21st century where it could once again lead the world in societal evolution. Unfortunately, all of these people were still there, standing with frowns as they were scolded by their masters for not winning enough fixed elections or gathering enough support from America’s dumbest citizens.

At some point these assholes will die off and the younger generations, who tend to vote blue, will realize that we can’t continue basing a society on who is born to rule and who is born to flip burgers. At some point fair play has to be involved. Until the child of a poor immigrant worker has the same opportunity as the child of one of these bigoted boneheads, America will remain forever oppressed.

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