Trump Responds To The School Shooting In San Bernardino In Exactly The Way You’d Expect

On Monday, a gunman walked into North Park Elementary School in San Bernardino, California and opened fire. In the end he killed himself, his estranged wife, an 8-year-old boy and injured one more child. In the past whenever there has been a school shooting, the president of the United States, makes some sort of statement to let the families of the victims, and the country know, that he is thinking about them. I can’t recall the number of times President Obama stood at a podium and mourned with us all. But as we all know, Trump is no Obama.

As of this writing, the president of the United States has made no statement regarding the brutal shooting. We looked at his Twitter account thinking that maybe he said something there, but all we found was more of the same Cheeto nonsense. He congratulated his stolen SCOTUS appointee. He wished everyone a happy Passover and then he retweeted a silly article by Fox News that stroked his sad, pathetic ego:

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After that there are a series of China tweets and then nothing. His @POTUS account is more of the same. And has no mention of the shooting in the “Briefing Room”:

He completely ignored the shooting and we are not the only ones who noticed:

Sadly, the reason he is ignoring it is probably because he can’t exploit it. Back in 2015, when San Bernardino experienced a terrible  mass shooting, he responded right away:

Why? Well, because the shooters were Muslim…DUH! And make no mistake, if the shooter had been Muslim yesterday, Trump would have been all over that. He would have used it to justify his Muslim ban and attack more judges. He would have walked out to a podium and said “MAKE AMERICA SAFE AGAIN” and all of the other bullsh*t he spews when he knows he can drum up fear. Instead, however, he just ignored that it happened and left it to Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos to offer the usual “thoughts and prayers” that don’t do a goddamn thing to protect our children from dying at school. Real presidential, right?

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