Donald Trump Just Invented A New Scandal With A Twitter Tantrum That’s Even Too Absurd For Him

Picture this: You’re Donald Trump and it’s 3 AM. You just finished your final debate but whatever you’ve begun to come down from…whatever it is you’re on…and you don’t really know what happened. You pick up your phone and there it is, plain as day, right there on Twitter, which is what you live for:

Donald Trump won the debate because these stupid online polls said so.

What do you do? You obviously don’t have your wits about you, so you start tweeting about your miraculous win, much like you did after the first debate, forgetting how horribly that went last time. The haze you’re in won’t allow you to remember how humiliating that was. Your narcissism is in overdrive. You just have to do it; you have to tweet it.

By 8 AM, Trump was already being humiliated by people across social media for forgetting what an idiot he is. Tweeting out your poll results from Drudge report and claiming that’s a win and pointing to a Fox affiliate in rural Louisiana that has you up by 86 points when you had a hard time looking like anything other than a benchwarmer from the high school debate squad wasn’t exactly a bright move.

To prevent another fiasco like last time, Lord Cheeto must have figured he’d stir the pot with today’s Twitter tantrum win of the day: It’s all rigged, Hillary cheated, brought to you by none other than Donald J Trump:

The first thought was, “wow. That’s a pretty serious accusation.” That being the case, I felt I should probably find the source. As it turns out, I already had. Donald Trump himself, without offering anything to back it up, tweeted out that Hillary Clinton received the debate questions in advance — from Fox News.

Makes perfect sense, doesn’t it? Fox News, which is nothing but a free 24-hour a day commercial for Donald Trump, is out to get him. Fox News, the network that has taken every single piece of garbage propaganda it could find against Hillary Clinton and run it nonstop for nearly two years just had a change of heart.

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She didn’t announce it because you just made it up, Donald. Try to pay attention.

Is anybody else ready for this election to be over? I seriously hope he goes away and doesn’t pull a Palin and interject himself into politics like he has a clue. He doesn’t.

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