Trump Sent Me An Email With This Delusional Version Of The Electoral Map And I Can’t Stop Laughing

Why is Donald Trump sending me emails? Because I asked him to. I signed up for his mailing list several months ago and was immediately relieved that I didn’t use my main address. Trump, his campaign, Diamond and Silk, his kids and the RNC send me no fewer than a dozen emails a day begging for money.

Along with the begging comes what I can only describe as a ridiculous amount of fearmongering propaganda and lies. ISIS is coming. Illegal immigrants will rape and murder you. If you go near a black community you’ll be gunned down. The economy and job market are collapsing. It’s the standard Republican story, Trumped to the hilt.

One of today’s emails, however, stood out. It wasn’t the typical “send money to drain the swamp” crap I’m used to seeing. It was a version of the electoral map that almost ensures a Trump win…as long as you donate $49. In this map, Democratic strongholds and leans magically turn pink, red or battleground black while states that are pink in most polls are deep, dark red and yearning for a Cheeto presidency:


Looks a bit…different from the maps we’ve been looking at, doesn’t it? Apparently, in Donald Trump’s world of delusion, Hillary Clinton has those solid blue states and that’s it. No light blue. Those are now battlegrounds. Most of the battlegrounds are now pink, and states that are pink everywhere else are now just as red as can be.

It’s classic misinformation. Since Trump’s only ground game appears to be old white dudes in red hats intimidating anyone who doesn’t look white enough, he’ll need people to believe they can make a difference. While it may seem to be a viable strategy, there’s this thing called “The Google” that allows people to look up the truth.

According to Trump’s own 24-hour a day campaign site, “fair and balanced” Fox News, Trump isn’t even remotely close to reality:


Even the Real Clear Politics map, which is the most skeptical of polls and the most likely to keep close states a tossup disagrees — heavily — with Trump’s ridiculous delusions:


Then again,l when has reality ever mattered to Donald Trump?

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