Trump Showed The World His D*ck Last Night And He Is Betting That People Will Really Like It

So, last night Trump got to whip it out and parade it around to show the world he has a big league one – all while the Chinese president is in his company.

Just as a well scripted reality show, Trump needed something to bring his ratings up. What better thing to do than fire off a few dozen missiles at the country who just exterminated human beings? Who is going to really condemn him for that? Assad deserves it, right?!?

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Yeah! Trump! See, he isn’t so bad, he actually did something right! Assad needs taken out!

But, has he really done anything to weaken Assad?


What he has done is peacocked around and likely captured a few people who aren’t political junkies. They saw dying children on television and then they saw bright flashes of light as the United States fired upon the country who killed those babies. Just like with everything else Trump has done to rise to power, this was a purely emotional move with the hope of political gains. He is a salesman after all, and he just sold his war in the most effective manner. I normally wouldn’t describe anything Trump does as “brilliant” but this was a brilliant political move on his part. American patriots are jizzing in their pants at the thought of the country flexing its muscles, Christians and liberals alike feel like the United States just took a stand against killing innocent babies and. . .

Now all Trump has to do is sit back and watch the ratings flow in. Will his approval rating increase? Likely.

That is what matters in Trumpland. That is what is of utmost importance.

And, that will make Trump’s first major move towards World War III a mega success. Because it really doesn’t matter if his actions better anyone at all – what matters is he gives people the blood they crave, the drama they yearn for – the feelings of self-righteousness, self-praise and false-justice they seek. It doesn’t matter if it’s real or if it betters the world in any way at all.

This strike gives the American people the farcical viewpoint that when America sees injustices in the world, we just bomb the sh*t out of the perpetrators and all is well again.

But, all will not be well. It doesn’t work that way. It has never worked that way.

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Yes, the reality that there is a dictator in the world who is actively gassing his citizens is atrocious. Watching babies die on tv is heart wrenching. Something DOES need to be done, but the manner in which it is done will determine if it gets better or. . . it gets worse.

I don’t know what the answer is, I’m not a strategist, but I do know that the world is in a state of constant vibration to the war drums. There are many players – Russia, China, Korea, Iran, the United States – all with big, powerful, frightening weapons.

Hug your kids a bit tighter tonight. I don’t see peace in sight for decades and that f*cking sucks.

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