Trump Signs An Executive Order That Solves All Of His Problems

Donald Trump may be an incompetent fool with tiny hands and narcissistic personality disorder, but every once in a while he gets something right. Following up on eight years of Republican policy, Trump has signed an executive order that solves all of his problems. In a single sentence, Trump has announced that he will continue a long-honored and hallowed GOP position:

It’s all Obama’s fault.

Well, there you have it. There is now officially no reason to debate anything with a Trump follower, as everything he says or does, as far as they’re concerned, was chiseled into a stone tablet by the fire of God himself.

We can start with this whole nasty sarin gas business. That, as everyone knows, is all Obama’s fault. That’s just a no-brainer. It seems as though Trump’s response, 50-60 Tomahawk missiles at a cost of just under $1.5 million each that didn’t seem to hit anything important, is also…all Obama’s fault. How was Trump supposed to know that 1K lb warheads would skid off the pavement and leave planes unscathed to take off the very next day from runways that would be left perfectly intact? Dammit, Obama.

Then there’s this whole Russia nonsense. Did you know that the US Ambassador to Russia, the Secretary of State and even the President himself met with the Russians during Obama’s administration? Treason! So, when Trump points out that his campaign being in cahoots never happened because he said so, that is, officially now, all Obama’s fault.

The new policy of following the old policy of All Obama’s Fault won’t be all that bad. Liberals will be able to continue to point and laugh at the ineptitude of the Republican party to do anything with the elections they steal and answer all of their failed attempts at governing with the same “Thanks, Obama” that they have been for nearly a decade, only now it’s on a much wider scale. With all three branches of government essentially in the hands of the oligarchs who own the party of idiots, ineptitude has become something of the norm.

We here at GOPocalypse look forward to 4 years of “All Obama’s Fault,” because in the end, it truly is. Trump’s election wasn’t some landslide populist movement for change, it was an electoral college fluke that saw a candidate voted for by 1/5th of Americans catapulted to a position he was — and is — nowhere near qualified to fill. The good news is, as we watch him fail and witness our country slide backward, public opinion will continue to turn and we’ll see a yearning for the advances we made and a resurgence of progressive values.

And THAT is all Obama’s fault.

This post is marked Political Satire. No, there is no “It’s all Obama’s fault” executive order. It is, however, still a viable Republican strategy.

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