Trump Signs First Bill, But Doesn’t Seem To Know What The Hell It Means (VIDEO)

After three weeks of executive orders, tweets about Ivanka’s relationship with Nordstrom, hating on SNL, etc., our Tangerine Tyrant was given his first bill to sign. But based on what he had to say about it, it’s not 100 percent clear he knew what he was signing.

Trump sat at his Oval Office desk, surrounded by beaming Republicans, happy that once again they were back in the business of screwing over average Americans. He was there to sign H.J. 41, a bill to weaken the Dodd-Frank Act by killing a disclosure requirement designed to prevent corruption. The provision in question required oil, gas, and mining companies that trade on U.S. stock exchanges to disclose payments made to foreign governments in exchange for access to natural resources in their countries. The bill is all about transparency, but Herr Drumpf seemed to think it was about jobs.

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“It’s a big deal. The energy jobs are coming back,” Trump told the assembled group. “Lots of people going back to work now.”

Of course, this bill has little to nothing to do with creating jobs, and a whole lot to do with covering up corruption and bribery. But Trump either didn’t want to have to explain why he just weakened an anti-corruption law, or he simply had no clue of what he just put his name to. My bet is on the latter.

Here’s the signing ceremony and Trump’s comments, via CNN:

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