‘Trump Singles’ Dating Site Is Actually A Thing And Twitter Is Fiercely Mocking It (TWEETS)

There is a dating site that will now connect really terrible people with other really terrible people. Trump Singles is a dating website for Trump supporters, because if there is anything the world needs, it’s Trump supporters hooking up and breeding.

News of the dating site for people who love the hue of Cheetos, whose favorite outfits are matching white sheets, and who especially enjoy long walks next to large walls, has been the source of beautiful mockery on Twitter.

The site’s tag line is “Making Dating Great Again.” There’s that whole “again” thing, like humanity was somehow better years ago when women were considered to be inferior to men in nearly every regard. That apparently made dating really great.

This whole line just screams “when date rape was just considered a home run.”

For the low price of $19.95 a month, Trump supporters can meet up with the already 23,000+ subscribers who have signed up since the site launched last year.

Of course, Twitter is all over this.

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The cheese, though! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

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