Trump So Desperate To Smear Obama He’s Willing To Screw Future Presidents Out Of A Ride

On Tuesday morning president-elect Donald Trump turned his attention to Air Force One. The Obama administration has made a request for two new Boeing 747s to replace the current planes used to fly the president around the world. Trump thinks the cost is too high.

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Trump was so far off base with his tweet that even Republican pollster Frank Luntz corrected him on it.

The current jumbo jets have been in service for almost 30 years. Barring an accident or other damage an airplane can remain airworthy for decades, but as they age maintenance and repairs become more frequent and costly. Even though Trump bristles at the cost of a new jet, Kevin Buckley, who works at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base suggests replacing the planes is not only important for safety reasons, it will also reduce expenses.

The real challenge and the challenge that is forcing us to buy newer aircraft for the president is to overcome the fact that there are heroics going on every day to keep the current aircraft flying and it’s becoming way too expensive and way too difficult to do that.

Buckley points out that while the Air Force has kept many planes in the air for long past their recommended end of service that is something that should not be done with the planes used as Air Force One. “We grit our teeth and bear it in the U.S. Air Force,” he said. “We can’t do that with the presidential air (fleet). They need 100 percent reliability.”

Trump is off on the cost as well. Neither Boeing nor the Air Force has given a cost estimate, but it has been reported that $1.65 billion has been budgeted for the project through 2019. So far only $169 million in contracts have been awarded. Those amounts are far short of the $4 billion Trump tweeted about.

A commercial version of the 747 costs about $370 million. But of course the president’s plane needs equipment and capabilities that commercial airliners don’t.

Aviation analyst Loren Thompson explains, “What drives the price tag isn’t the cost of the plane, it’s all the costly modifications and equipment that must be installed on such a unique aircraft.”

Maybe Trump should just stick to tweeting about Saturday Night Live — a subject he can at least pretend to know something about.

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