Trump Spent His Sunday Morning On Twitter Crying About Mean People And It’s…Just Sad

The further Lord Cheeto gets from the moment he gave that ever so humble and unifying acceptance speech, the closer he gets to being the Donald Trump we all knew and despised from the day before. Having completely abandoned all sensibilities by appointing white nationalists, military hotheads, unqualified imbeciles and anyone from Wall Street willing to take a cabinet position, Trump turned his attention back to Twitter, where he will now school us all in morality, 140 characters at a time.

Sunday morning, the giant Oompa Loompa we’ll be forced to call our president continued his attacks on the cast of Hamilton, a crude, unpresidential and ridiculously overplayed tactic to make us all forget that he settled his Trump University case for $25 million:

Yes, Donald…anyone who says things you disagree with is “highly overrated.” We’re very aware of your character flaw.

Then it was time to set his sights on the evil Alec Baldwin and those people at Saturday Night Live because they are so unfair. Did you know they only make fun of Trump? Donald noticed. Donald is not a fan:

Well, Trumplestiltskin…you loved it when they let you come make a fool of yourself on the show. Do you only have issues when other people make you look stupid? That’s the beautiful thing about America, you oversized traffic cone, people can produce whatever kind of TV show they want. Considering SNL has spanned 4 decades, it really doesn’t matter what you think.

Trump hadn’t quite had enough yet. Harry Reid, who is retiring after this term, has been one of Trump’s most outspoken critics. He has honestly and brutally called him out over every single one of his cabinet picks, paying special attention to the appointment of white nationalist Steve Bannon to a senior advisor role.

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Trump sure did get his revenge with this zinger:

Ba har har har. Please, Donald…just go away. Don’t go away mad…just go away.

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