Trump Spokesperson Is LIVID That Obama Invaded Afghanistan…In 2001 (VIDEO)

Katrina Pearson, bonehead extraordinaire, is at it again. After claiming that President Obama was responsible for the death of Captain Khan in the dumbest statement on television in 2006, she one-upped herself with this latest bombshell: President Obama invaded Afghanistan. Yes, those are her words, we wouldn’t lie to you about such a thing:

There is a good possibility that Katrina Pierson may be vying for the title of “dumbest person of all time.” This woman is an embarrassment not only to herself and the Trump campaign but to people outside of the United States who love to call Americans names like “stupid” and “misinformed.”

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The only things President Obama contributed to the war in Afghanistan were its end and the killing of the guy who started it. It’s amazing that Trump continues to pay this person to open her mouth, allowing oodles of ignorance to spill all over national television.

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