Trump Starts Burning Lifeboats, Designates Paul Ryan To Go Down With The Ship (TWEETS)

Donald Trump may be starting to shift away from blaming the media for “rigging the election.” Instead, he seems to have moved on to blaming “traitors.” The twist is that the traitors appear to be in the Republican party, and one of his targets is among their most powerful members.

Minutes after Trump announced on Twitter that he would be heading to Wisconsin for a campaign event, he started attacking Wisconsin’s most powerful and famous Republican – Speaker of the house Paul Ryan.

Oh no! Poor Donald, always being attacked by that terrible guy Paul Ryan, who after everything that’s happened is still endorsing Trump. He likely is just pissed off that Ryan will not be appearing with him in Wisconsin, but really it’s anyone’s guess. Trump knows he’s already screwed and won’t beat Hillary, but is he really going to turn the rest of his campaign into a traveling hatchet-job project to ruin the party that wasn’t prepared to go full-Nazi along with him?

He didn’t stop there, though. Trump continued by making fun of Ryan for the failed presidential campaign he was part of in 2012 (Ryan will have “lost less” than Trump will according to most polls), then rolled out jabs centered on some of the hottest issues for conservative voters.

He even started blaming Paul Ryan for making the Wikileaks non-scandal “worse.” If you saw the leaks, you’d know why Paul is saying nothing about it. There’s nothing there! Trump wants there to be, though, so that means there is. Now why isn’t that damned Paul Ryan doing anything about the fact nothing was found?

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It certainly does look like Trump has decided if he can’t be a winner, every Republican has to be a loser like him. They do say that overuse of cocaine can cause paranoia. I’m not saying Trump uses too much cocaine, but it is possible that he might be using too much cocaine. Traitors everywhere… Who knew?

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