Trump Starts His Friday Morning Off With A Dumba$$ Tweet Straight From His Guilty Conscience

Who wakes up at 6AM and pulls a tweet out of their bunghole that references something they decided not to talk about for days and makes a completely invalid and ridiculous point? Donald Trump, that’s who.

First thing this morning, without any prompting, without reference to what he’s talking about or why he’s approaching the subject, Donald Trump’s obviously guilty conscience decided to defend him concerning Russian cyber-attacks:

Ummmm…Yeah, kinda. We’re talking about a whole lot more than that, you ignorant giant traffic cone, but we can start there if you like. You see, Lord Cheeto, this is what is called “avoidance and deflection.” You’ve taken the ONE thing in all of the emails that showed an unethical move by a Democrat — who, by the way, is NOT Hillary Clinton — called it “illegal,” which it’s not, and made an entire national security issue about that one talking point.

That’s not very presidential. No very presidential at all. The Russian interference in our elections is a broad-scoped invasion of our sovereignty by a foreign government. They manipulated news cycles, created tens of thousands of social media profiles to spread propaganda, assisted in the hacking of confidential information from both of our major political parties and quite possibly interfered with the election itself.

But…Donna Brazille gave Hillary two out of nearly a hundred debate questions, both of which she would have prepared for anyway, and that’s all that really matters.

Your refusal to acknowledge that another government helped get you elected would be OK if you were running Boy Scout Troop 93, but you’re not. You’re about to run the free world, and you’re about to run it into the ground on pure blind stupidity alone, never mind the crap you’ll be doing to us intentionally.

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Investigate this sh*t, Mr. President-Elect, if you truly love your country. Rather than chastising those in your own party who have decided that this is serious business and tweeting horribly transparent excuses for the actions of Vladimir fricking Putin, act like the man we’ll need to rely on to keep our elections fair and clean moving forward, admit that you had a little help stealing this one and be done with it.

Do your job, you sad sack of horse doody, and maybe people with an IQ higher than 80 will start to respect you a little bit.

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