Trump Starts His Weekend With A Tantrum And A Good Cry–Twitter Responds With Glorious Ridicule

Poor Donald. So wronged. So misunderstood. If only people could see the good in him rather than listening to all of these horrible things he says and does and looking at how he’s treated women his entire life things would be different. He’d be beating “Crooked Hillary” because only Bill Clinton’s accusers are credible, Wikileaks released a risotto recipe and a ton of other stuff that needs to be twisted to be damaging and, of course, BENGHAZI!

Donald never refused to take a phone call that never happened at 3AM. He admitted to sexually assaulting women. He never murdered a bunch of people because Alex Jones said so, all he did was stick his hands up women’s skirts without permission. He didn’t delete his personal emails so the world wouldn’t get to judge him by his private thoughts to friends and family or the contents of his spam folder, he told underage girls how hot they were and how old they’d be eligible to date him.

Poor Donald. A gentle soul in a sea of corruption; his legacy forever tied to a woman whose charitable foundation actually gave to charity, spent her life serving her country and has never screwed anyone out of their paycheck to increase her bottom line. It’s just not fair. And now, according to Lord Cheeto, the media is on her side as well because they’re actually reporting the news rather than cowering to the thought of a Trump lawsuit.

My heart bleeds for you Donald. Especially when it hurts you so bad that you have to take to Twitter early in the morning to have a little tantrum and cry like a big, orange baby:

It’s a shame that you don’t realize that your Twitter account has turned into a bastion of liberals, trolling the hell out of you whenever you lose your binky and go on a little rampage. Today was no different:

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That was just within the first few minutes after he tweeted. People are tired of you, Donald. they don’t want to have to explain to their sons that it’s not ok to treat women horribly just because their president does. Especially while they watch the economy crash, send their kids off to fight wars over middle fingers and Twitter battles and see their country and planet turned over to money-hungry people like you who care about nothing but gold furniture and their bottom line.

You’re a fraud, Trump. The day after all the “election rigging” lawsuits finally die and you’re removed to your own version of Palin TV can’t come soon enough.


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