Trump Starts The Week By Tweeting ‘Evidence’ That Joe Biden Is A Sex Offender Like Him (TWEETS)

Trump’s moronic Monday began with an attack on Joe Biden by pushing a “story” suggesting Joe is a sex offender. The idea seems to be that if you’re offended at Trump spending a lifetime groping and grabbing women, then you HAVE to be offended at America’s favorite uncle Joe as well.

I think what Trump is trying to imply is that if you aren’t offended at Joe, then you can’t be offended at Trump. When you see what he is using to attack him, though, you’ll see how dumb this whole thing really is.

Trump went after Joe the way he goes after everyone; on Twitter. He pushed a web article that was nothing more than a collection of two YouTube videos and the headline, Watch Joe Biden’s Long History Of Grabbing, Kissing and Groping Women Who Are Cringing.

We saved you some time and watched both of the videos. They’re collections of Joe’s funnier moments meeting the families of members of Congress in which there was a lot of close personal interaction, handshaking and hugging going on. There were a couple random shots of him meeting with some people on the campaign and one where he hugged Hillary after getting off a plane. This was nothing other than Joe being Joe.

There was no groping, no unwanted touching and no women cringing away in fear. They’re videos that we’ve all seen a million times before and laughed at along with the rest of America. Trump and at least one other dingbat conservative are saying it’s the same as Donald’s alleged history of real, frightening and violent sexual assault. Is it any wonder women don’t come forward when this stuff happens?

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Trump hasn’t stopped trying to shame, mock, and discredit his accusers. He also followed up with another fresh tweet that is based somewhere other than reality.

“Many” of their stories were not already proven false as Trump claims. I guess the only way to look at it is this: We only have 3 more weeks of this nonsense until we can get back to a non Trump-centric news cycle.

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