Trump Supporter Arrested After Beating His Wife For Supporting Hillary Clinton

Don’t think Donald Trump’s mere presence as a presidential candidate is increasing fanaticism?

If you want a good example of the effect that Donald Trump is having on America, look no further than this: During an argument about the presidential race, a 78-year-old Trump supporter knocked his 73-year-old wife to the floor, all because she had the nerve to support Hillary Clinton.

Lawrence Littman is a registered Republican, and his wife, Elvia is a registered Democrat. The argument happened in their Florida home.

Elvia placed a 911 call alerting deputies to the incident, in which she told them that she and her husband were involved in an argument about politics. All of the sudden, he started calling her “many derogatory names, grabbed her wrist, and threw her onto a chair.”

At that point, she tried to escape her husband of 20 years by retreating to a bedroom, but his Republican rage demanded a victim. He followed her, grabbed her by the arm again, and this time threw her down to the hard floor.

Luckily authorities showed up in a timely fashion and prevented him from expressing his patriotism on his wife’s health to a further degree.

In typical Republican fashion, the man tried to blame the wife when questioned by saying she attempted to “slap him in the face” and when he pushed her attack away — surely as nothing but a defensive measure — she “slipped” and fell to the floor. Pardon me if I don’t buy that story.

Littman was arrested for battery on a person over 65, which is a felony. He’s currently out on $500 bond and unsurprisingly has entered a plea of not guilty. Because of course, it isn’t his fault. She was asking for it by supporting the woman. Right? Benghazi Benghazi Benghazi!

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So far, the only existing effects of Trump’s campaign have been increased hatred, bigotry, violence, racism, and a conspicuous lack of shame that would normally be associated with dirty and embarrassing personal qualities. His work clearly isn’t finished, though, because now he’s added unapologetic domestic violence to the list.

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