White Man Throws A Racist TrumperTantrum In Starbucks After His Order Took Too Long

Someone gave Trump supporters the idea that all their day-to-day problems would be solved if Donald Trump was elected president.

Take this chubby version of Eric Camden in a sweater vest for instance, he seems to think he shouldn’t have problems with his coffee order because he voted for Trump.

The man was filmed by Jorge de Cárdenas, who was in a Miami Starbucks getting some work done on Wednesday when a white man started throwing a fit because his coffee was taking too long. A bystander reportedly called the man an “asshole” and he responded saying “f-ck you, bitch!” and that’s when Cárdenas started filming.

Now, most irate customers just demand their money back, say something like “This is so ridiculous, gawl!” and leave. But not this entitled prick, oh no. Instead, he tells the black woman working behind the counter she’s “trash” adding:

I voted for Trump! Trump! You lost, now give me my money back.

The man then walks directly up to the woman he’s calling trash and asks for her name and her card as if she’s some fancy barista with a back pocket full of business cards she had made at Alphagraphics instead of a low-wage slave wearing a uniform and nametag:

What is your name? What is your name? I want your card. You are garbage. You are complete trash.

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The irate man then claims he has been the victim of “anti-white discrimination” and looks around for some white support. Instead, a man tells him to be more respectful, saying:

Come on. There’s no need to talk like that. You want to talk like that, take it outside. But do not talk to other people that way.

The fat Eric Camden then threatens to punch the man out. Finding no support from his fellow white comrades, the man sashays away with a flip of his hair and a hot blonde trailing behind him without his money, or his coffee.

I guess there’s really no one to blame here except Obama. But in Trump’s America, white people will get their coffee in a timely manner, god dammit!

Joking aside, this is a new trend in America now that Trump has won. Within a week of the election, there has been a rash of hate crimes against people of color, women, the LGBTQ community, and Muslims. The Southern Poverty Law Center says they have received reports of 437 hate crime incidences in the eight days since the election. Most of the incidences have been anti-immigrant, anti-black, anti-Muslim, anti-LGBT, and anti-woman.

Watch the video:


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