Trump Supporters Are Already Starting To Tweet Their Regrets

The schadenfreude over Trump supporters seeing the YUGE mistake they just made in electing The Donald is coming sooner than we expected. In the weeks since the election, Trump has gone back on his promise to repeal Obamacare, reneged on his promise to jail Hillary Clinton and the 30-foot high border wall that was the center point of his campaign is looking more like a fence.

Trump also promised to drain the swamp in Washington D.C. but his appointments are composed of bankers, lobbyists and political goons from failed administrations past. Not to mention the fact that the toddler man can’t seem to stay off of Twitter for more than 45 minutes.

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Needless to say, the president-elect’s supporters are not happy because Trump the candidate is not the same as Trump the politician, and they’re taking to Twitter to express their regret in this archive found on Tumblr called “Trumgrets.”

The tweets below are infuriating for several reasons. For starters, these Trump supporters are acting like they weren’t adequately informed Trump was a narcissistic, self-interested, incompetent pathological liar. Perhaps instead of bagging on the media for running negative stories about Trump, they should have listened instead?

Well, too late now.

Without further ado, meet the first batch of Trump’s disappointed voters (more to come as time rolls on, I’m sure):


So where was Bustin Justin when Trump promised to “open up libel laws” to make it easier to sue journalists for writing negative stories? That didn’t worry Justin, but Trump tweeting about revoking the citizenship of flag burners suddenly does?


Remember when Republicans were completely outraged over Clinton’s connections to Wall Street? Now that Trump has appointed Steven Mnuchin, a former Goldman Sachs executive and predatory banker, to Secretary of Treasury, his biggest supporters are feeling gipped.


It’s almost like they want him to start acting presidential, when he should have acted presidential the day he announced his candidacy. Now, NOW, they want him to stop tweeting awful shit? Sorry people, you voted for that.


Trump doesn’t Constitution good? WHAT!? Trump wants our nation to mirror fascist states with forced nationalism? Gee, if only there had been some sort of warning.


Who knows what Christopher Adams is responding to. When it comes to Trump you could reply like this to <insert any Donald Trump tweet here>.


Trump ignore some frivolous side issue? NEVER! He got sidetracked over and over again during the election, but now you think he possesses the ability to focus and let the rest be water on a duck’s back? Sorry, but Trump is not going to change.

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On what planet was Trump not going to fill the government with insiders and special interests? We all saw it, except you.


They’re howling because Trump isn’t being racist enough? I guess that’s what happens when your candidate dog whistles for a year and a half.



When you follow a demagogue, expect to feel disappointed.


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GASP! Paul Ryan has only been saying these things loudly for the last six or so years, and then while he was nominated for the Vice Presidency, and then as Speaker of the House…When people tell you that you are voting against your interests by voting for Republicans this is what they mean.


And this, kids, is why we educate ourselves before an election.


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You mean all the hate against Clinton was just pandering and theatrics for the gullible!? Gawl, duped again.


Oh, you mean to say the pussy-grabber, victim-blamer, misogynist-in-chief may do nothing for gender equality? Color me shocked! Perhaps your husband could speak to him.

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So you see, while nothing could deter these people from voting for Trump prior to the election, there’s a whole lot he can do to turn them off now that he’s the president-elect.

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