Deplorables Rush To Defend Trump’s SAD Inaugural Turnout By…Whining On Twitter

Today, High Lord Orange Peel was sworn into office. He comes into office with an approval rating somewhere in the neighborhood of 37%, which is a few points shy of Bush’s overall IQ.

His inauguration sounded like it was written by a four-year-old, but let’s reserve our judgement and not insult four-year-olds with undo comparisons. Even beyond his incompetent speech, what spoke the loudest about his inauguration was a single picture. You may have seen it — it’s a picture of the mall:

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Now, there are a lot of factors that can contribute to this apparent disparity. That he’s less popular than Nickelback, used car salesmen and lice is probably the biggest one.

For the rest of us, this confirms what we know. But for Trump’s supporters, this is a direct assault. They can’t admit their orange savior isn’t popular, because that suggests they aren’t popular and that they don’t speak for all of America. So naturally they came rushing in to plug the hole this blew in their alternative reality.

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The first instinct was a natural one — to claim it’s “fake news.” I mean, that’s the justification for anything they disagree with anymore, so why not this?

Well, no. See, that doesn’t work when it’s actual news:

So they resorted to other, more tried and true tactics:

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I thought y’all were armed because of that? Isn’t that what the NRA keeps telling me guns are for (I mean, aside from being penis extenders for insecure white guys)?

I think far and away my favorite responses, though, were the sheer number of people who defended it by saying Trump supporters were “busy working”:

Here’s the thing that gets me: if they’re all at work, why did they vote for Trump to bring their jobs back? If they already have jobs, what’s the whole purpose of attacking undocumented immigrants who are working and paying a taxes to bring back jobs?

Aside from, you know, using it as an excuse to cover their blatant xenophobia and racism.

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