Trump Supporters Tried Hashtag Harassment On Twitter But Ended Up Looking Stupid (TWEETS)

Trump supporters are completely out of their minds. As if they hadn’t gone Nazi enough already, they tried pushing a hashtag on Twitter called #TheList. The hashtag was supposed to carry a photo collection of journalists and some other media personalities who Trump supporters feel have disrespected their orange fuehrer. I’m sure I don’t need to explain why this is such a dangerous thing, but in spite of it all there is a funny side to it, as you’ll see below.

First off, here’s an example of #TheList collected from Twitter:

trump #thelist lugenpresse

It’s terrifying. However, the Trump supporters ended up defeating themselves on this one before they even started. Not only did the hashtag already exist (obviously it did, it’s an incredibly common phrase), but liberals jumped onto it as well to mock them.

First, here’s a couple of the liberal reactions:

Even better — Trump supporters didn’t seem to think that something as common as #TheList would have been used already. If you wanted to know who was best dressed last week, had the biggest hair, or want to know how old is “too old” for trick-or-treating, you’d find that in the #TheList too.

In their haste to start some kinda Nazi thing, they injected their hateful posts into a hashtag that’s already being viewed by millions of other Americans, exposing their stupidity to an audience they likely didn’t want to and maybe even costing El Trumpador votes in the process.

This is actually something that shows up on #TheList:

And dont forget professional wrestler Chris Jerico:

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Jeeze Louise… These people can’t even be Nazi’s properly. How do they think they’ll ever cause some revolution if they can’t figure out how one hashtag works?

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