Trump Supporters Tweet Their Regrets After ‘Trumpcare’ Is Rolled Out

If there has been one silver lining to the disaster of electing a narcissistic, lying, sociopathic, racist, sexist, bigoted, uninformed, conspiracy-theory-believing orange jackass into the White House, it’s watching Donald Trump lose supporters every single day, with every single tweet and policy rollout. If only someone had warned them Trump was a horrible choice!

One account on Twitter, Trump Regrets, collects tweets from Trump supporters who have begun to regret their votes for various reasons just 50 days into the presidency. If you need reassurance that this country has any sanity left at all, you’ll want to give them a follow.

So I figured I would take a gander at that account after “Trumpcare” was rolled out to see what Trump supporters thought of the new plan. It’s not good, folks.

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There are many Trump supporters who are irate over the proposed plan which does nothing to solve high premiums and deductibles, screws over the sick and elderly, and jacks up rates for people whose insurance lapses while offering tax credits rather than subsidies which hurts the poor all while giving those at the top of the economic food chain huge tax breaks.

However, other Trump supporters don’t think it screws over the poor enough and they’re pissed about that.

Here is what the latest batch of Trump regretters are saying about the new health care plan:

A huge swath of support for Trump came from older white Americans and 37 percent of the elderly voted for him overall. If this plan goes forward and Trump wants to run for reelection, he’s going to have a hard time with this group who is dependent on healthcare.

This guy looks like he likely depends on Medicare, so, should someone tell him?

While the plan kept the pre-existing conditions clause, allows kids to stay on their parents insurance until the age of 26, and allows for Medicaid expansion until 2020, the plan is nothing like Obamacare.

He lied a lot before the election, too, so that should have been your first clue this would go badly.

Ehh, I think it’s a lot worse than Obamacare. The ACA wasn’t perfect but the Republicans should have fixed certain parts and kept the plan rather than doubling down on their “repeal and replace” efforts. They shot themselves in the foot with this one. Trumpcare is abysmally awful.

I know these people did a bad thing by voting for Trump, but I completely empathize with them.

Yes, yes you did.

It is ridiculous, Harry.

The Democrats’ chances in 2018 are looking brighter! Is this a good time to start pushing for single payer?

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