Trump Supporting Mom Busted For Involving 8-Year-Old Son In World’s Dumbest Crime (VIDEO)

You know I get so sick of conservatives whining about those who they perceive are “entitled” – all the while acting like the most entitled privileged pricks that walk the face of the earth.

Enter Trump supporting mama Holly Piazza.

Holly has made it her life’s work as a mother to raise a child who knows absolutely no boundaries and seeks out fame via performing attention-grabbing stupid stunts on YouTube for advertising cash collected by people watching the family compete for a Darwin Award.

No really, it’s totes feasible that these people really are in line for that award. I feel sorry for this kid.

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The family’s YouTube Channel, which I will not link to as I do not want to give these knuckle-draggers any new views, is filled with ridiculous antics that most parents would discourage their eight-year-old child from doing. Yet this mom seems to celebrate, and even encourage him, as her son knocks himself out while attempting a flip, lights things on fire, drives the family SUV or rides dirt bikes shirtless (so much for safety equipment) – all for those coveted advertising dollars on YouTube from their one million followers.

In fact, it was a stupid stunt that ultimately resulted in Piazza and her “gentleman friend” being arrested for child endangerment according to the LA Times.

On Thursday it was reported that the police were alerted to a YouTube video in which the eight-year-old and his “nanny” were riding in the bed of a truck that was filled with Orbeez.

Detective John Samano of the Corona Police Department said:

Poor parenting skills. It’s a poor choice and a poor judgement on behalf of the parents.

Ya think? It sounds like this woman’s parenting style is just basically “poor judgement.”

Their poor judgement didn’t end with just this moronically dangerous joy-ride, though. After they were finished with the Orbeez, they decided it was best to dispose of them at the cost of the citizens of their town. . . by dumping them all over a busy roadway. Over one million polymer beads were purposely spilled out into the city street which caused not only traffic issues, but also clogged the city sewers with the foreign objects. Because that wouldn’t have any kind of environmental impact. But these are “me, me, me” Trump supporters, so why would they care about doing anything that would harm the environment? They hate most of humanity, after all.

On the video, Piazza tells her child that what they are about to do is illegal, saying:

We have come up with an idea to get rid of a million Orbeez and it’s really illegal and it’s really bad.

No, you don’t say?

While Orbeez are nontoxic, they do swell to 300 times their size in water. They are also made of a material which does not break down in the human digestive tract, so I imagine if they made their way into an animal’s stomach they wouldn’t do real well either. They don’t sound like the best things for a city sewer system and certainly not in a quantity like one million.

Fortunately, because these brainiacs filmed their douchebaggery for the sole purpose of profiting from it on their YouTube channel (the video of the dumping has been set to private, though), authorities were able to bust them. Not only will they be investigated for the child endangerment charges for allowing children to slosh around the bed of a truck filled with water and gel beads while riding down a busy street, but they also face fines and will have to pay for the extensive cleanup for the whole dumping prank.

A quick look at the mother’s social media account proves she is exactly how you would imagine her – a self-entitled Trumpflake who apparently thinks the world is hers to pillage and plunder while hating her fellow earthly inhabitants.

Yep, this one explains it all too well.

Umm, Holly, we’re mostly offended by you and your family’s stupidity and self-centered entitlement attitude. Maybe try to teach your child a lesson you clearly never learned – respect mother earth and fellow human beings. Our kids really will need this planet when their parents (even the ones who made profit from their kids’ every fart filmed and posted on YouTube) are gone.

Funny how Trump supporters are all about “law and order” when it comes to important things like walking down the street while black or exercising the constitutional right to protest, but certainly not for affairs dealing with their own frivolous recreation or *gasp* profits.

But, could we really expect anything else from people who think the Giant Orange Traffic Cone was a qualified choice for the position of leader of the free world?

I think not.

Watch a report on the family’s douchebaggery, here:

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