Trump Takes 3 Tries To Spell A Simple Word Right, Ironically Follows With Jab At US Education System

Donald Trump isn’t a very good speller. This is not news. The stuff he does to the English language is painful to watch, and I say that as prescriptivist. Still, on Friday, Trump’s penchant for misspelling struck at a particularly bad time, when he managed to misspell “hereby” not once but twice.

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While tweeting a demand to investigate top Dems, Trump made his first mistake:

Did you spot it? Trump did, and issued another tweet a few seconds later:

Of course, he still managed to spell it wrong.

It took a third tweet before he got it right — made about a minute later, after he had already tweeted about something else:


Now, contrary to what Facebook might have you believe, English isn’t a hard language to learn. The trick with English is navigating our spelling and pronunciation, which is not aided by us only having six letters — ‘a’, ‘e’, ‘i’, ‘o’, ‘u’, and ‘y’ if it’s in the middle of or at the end of a syllable — that can represent over 20 vowel sounds, diphthongs included. Still, most competent speakers of the language figure out how to navigate these difficulties.

Donald Trump clearly isn’t a competent speaker of the language. The man writes, spells, sounds, and probably even thinks like the typical Internet garbage poster. And right-wingers felt this guy was a great choice to represent our country.

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I’m reminded of something Trump said in the primary:

He may have all the “best” words, but it’s a damn shame he can’t spell any of them properly.

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