Trump Team: Kanye Isn’t ‘Murican Enough To Perform At Inauguration For All The White Guys (VIDEO)

A few weeks ago, fresh out of the hospital after a mental breakdown, rapper Kanye West made an eyebrow raising trip to NYC to meet the Great Orange Menace in Trump Tower. The meeting left some people wondering if the Trump team had plans to ask Kanye to perform at his inauguration, especially given the fact that basically nobody else wants to. We are now learning that is not the case, Kanye was never asked to perform and the reason is infuriating.

Committee chairman Tom Barrack Jr. recently told CNN that the 21 time Grammy Award winner was just not American enough to perform for Trump:

He’s been great. He considers himself a friend of the president-elect, but it’s not the venue. It’s going to be typically and traditionally American, and Kanye is a great guy. We just haven’t asked him to perform. We move on with our agenda.

Translation: Kanye West is too black to perform for our white supremacist supporters and rap music isn’t real music.

Kanye West was born in the United States of America. He might be a dick sometimes, but he is most certainly “traditionally American.” And let’s be honest, had he been asked to perform at the inauguration, and accepted the invitation, he would have been the only relevant performer there. Right now, Trump’s line-up includes the 2000s band 3 Doors Down, whose last real hit was in like 2004 and Toby Keith, who sings about sticking boots in people’s asses. But I guess since they are white guys, they are traditional enough to perform.

Barrack’s vile explanation further highlights how divisive and disgusting the Butternut Bigot’s administration is going to be. We will have four years (hopefully) of a president who doesn’t think black people are worth as much as other Americans. Trump’s America is going to be an absolute sh*t show.


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