Trump, The Biggest Media Critic, Tweets Out An Article From His Favorite Totally-Not-Fake News Site

A trend is emerging in what media Donald Trump tolerates and what media he doesn’t. For instance, last week on Jan. 11 during Trump’s press conference, he skipped over a CNN reporter’s question and called them “fake news.” He also called Buzzfeed‘s unverified dossier from a British intelligence gatherer “fake news” on Twitter. Before the trend of calling news that didn’t agree with our cognitive biases “fake news,” Trump repeatedly called out media outlets such as the New York Times for “lying.”

But here is what Trump doesn’t call fake news: Breitbart and Laura Ingraham’s site Lifezette. And unsurprisingly, they’re both typically Trump-humping rags.

Steve Bannon, who Trump has picked as his Chief White House Strategist was the former CEO of Breitbart and everyone foresaw this would marry the conservative outlet to the White House, and by all appearances it has.

For example, just today Trump tweeted out an article from Breitbart titled “How Trump Won — And How The Media Missed It” which gave an interesting account of how the mainstream media didn’t see the impending Trump presidency coming.

Of course, anything polite to Trump gets his combed-over nod; anything reporting a hard truth gets relegated to the growing pile of fake news. And it’s oh-so-obvious Trump tweeted this out because the article called out Buzzfeed for publishing the dossier and because it criticizes the media in general.

But it sets a dangerous precedence of making Breitbart appear legitimate because the site regularly runs inflammatory headlines that marginalize racial and religious minorities, women, and the LGBTQ community.

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Twitter called him out for it:

Trump is attempting to push a dangerous new “reality” unto us all. Infowars, Lifezette, Breitbart, good. Everything else, bad. This is tantamount to pushing propaganda to lull supporters into a bubble so they aren’t subjected to critical media so that Trump can run amok in our country without any accountability.

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