Trump Tried To Pander To The Irish And We Can’t Stop Laughing At Their Response

The Apoplectic Apricot is at it again, fleecing the American public, while also trampling on another culture’s history. His latest f*ck up? A hat.

Team Twitler is advertising a green baseball hat ahead of the St.Patrick’s Day festivities, and for a mere fifty bucks it comes embellished with a snazzy gold four leaf clover (Why am I now thinking of a certain hue of showers?).

But, awwwwwww, his supporters cry, how simply adorbs! So hokey and cute and Irish!

Yeah well, except for one itty bitty, teeny tiny, infinitesimal detail: the four leaf clover has absolutely nothing to do with Ireland.

No really, us Irish celebrate St.Patrick’s Day by wearing the the three leaf shamrock, which symbolizes when and how St.Patrick explained the Holy Trinity to a visual thinking, pagan Ireland.  I mean it’s like telling a Canadian the oak leaf is the same as the maple leaf. The only real difference is a Canadian would be far too polite to refute you, now us Irish, we have quite the gob on us as Twitter proves:

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I think @SamuelMcGov speaks for us all:

Trump should stick to swindling Americans, us Irish are not impressed.

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