Trump Turns His Tantrums On SNL And Alec Baldwin For Making Humiliating Him Look So Easy (TWEETS)

We’ve all seen Donald Trump throw his little hissy fits over the “mainstream media bias” his assholery has earned and how unfair it is to be the Cheeto-In-Chief. Trump’s entire existence seems to have now devolved into a nonstop Twitter attack on anyone who pokes fun at him. Alec Baldwin and Saturday Night Live, who have brilliantly portrayed The Donald for the first three weeks of their new season, are his new targets.

It’s fairly humorous — strike that — hilarious, that Trump would go after the show that last year took so much criticism for allowing a racist, xenophobic, homophobic douchebag like him to host, especially after all of the praise he laid on the show and the writers for a job well done. Now that they have his defeat and utter humiliation down to a science, poor little Donald is no longer a fan:

Yes, that was an actual tweet straight from the horse’s ass. Saturday Night Live, famous for 40 years of political satire, is now “the media” responsible for hit pieces and rigging the election. Somebody needs to take away Trump’s iPhone privileges; he’s making a fool of himself. The Twittersphere thought is was a great tweet, of course, because making fun of Donald Trump has become a national pastime:

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It goes on and on. When will the giant Oompa Loompa learn that his whiny little tantrums aren’t effective for anything but mass ridicule? He won’t He truly think 11 million people follow him on Twitter to support him. If you read the tweets on his timeline you’ll quickly see that replies from supporters have dwindles to next to none while people telling him to sit and spin are on the rise.

It’s almost like watching the actual polls in real time.

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