Trump Turns Relations With Cuba Into An Episode Of ‘The Apprentice’ On Twitter

Are you freaking kidding me? Seriously? So, this is how Donald Trump’s presidency is going to go. He is going to Tweet EVERYTHING. Foreign relations? Tweet. Latest celebrity controversy (for which a POTUS shouldn’t even bother himself with)?  Tweet. Someone said something mean about him? Tweet. Declaring war on any country he damn well pleases? Tweet.

Our domestic and foreign policy shall now be abbreviated to 140 characters. This is us, now.

This morning, just to be the shit stirrer that he is, Trump decided to tweet about his plans for the historic deal reached between the United States and Cuba.

Compare that to President Obama’s announcement about the deal nearly two years ago.

So, what is the deal Trump wishes to terminate?

Outlined on, the plan says:

  • Re-establish diplomatic relations
    Our diplomatic relations with Cuba were severed in January of 1961. The President is immediately reopening discussions with Cuba and working to re-establish an embassy in Havana in the next coming months. The U.S. will work with Cuba on matters of mutual concern that advance U.S. national interests, such as migration, counternarcotics, environmental protection, and trafficking in persons, among other issues.
  • More effectively empower the Cuban people by adjusting regulations
    The President is taking steps to improve travel and remittance policies that will further increase people-to-people contact, support civil society in Cuba, and enhance the free flow of information to, from, and among the Cuban people.
  • Facilitate an expansion of travel to Cuba
    The U.S. is restoring up to 110 direct, commercial roundtrip flights a day. With expanded travel, Americans will be able to help support the growth of civil society in Cuba more easily, and provide business training for private Cuban businesses and small farmers. Americans will also be able to provide other support for the growth of Cuba’s nascent private sector.
  • General licenses will be made available for all authorized travelers in 12 existing categories:


  • Authorize expanded sales and exports of certain goods and services from the U.S. to Cuba
    The expansion will seek to empower the nascent Cuban private sector and make it easier for Cuban citizens to have access to certain lower-priced goods to improve their living standards and gain greater economic independence from the state.
  • Authorize American citizens to import additional goods from Cuba
    Licensed U.S. travelers to Cuba will be authorized to import $400 worth of goods from Cuba, of which no more than $100 can consist of tobacco products and alcohol combined.
  • Initiate new efforts to increase Cubans’ access to communications
    and their ability to communicate freely

    Cuba has an Internet penetration of about five percent – one of the lowest rates in the world. The cost of telecommunications in Cuba is exorbitantly high, while the services offered are extremely limited. Now, telecommunications providers will be allowed to establish the necessary mechanisms, including infrastructure, in Cuba to provide commercial telecommunications and internet services.

Oh, STFU, Donald.

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