Trump Turns To His Knuckledragging Supporters To Fill 4000 West Wing Jobs He Didn’t Know Existed

The level of Donald Trump’s ignorance — hell, the ignorance of everybody connected to him — concerning the complexities of running the United States of America would be laughable, except that it is so deadly serious.

One example of that ignorance came from Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, who asked during a tour of the West Wing how many of the people currently working there would be staying on in the new administration. Umm, that would be “almost none,” Jared.

So, you have an entire White House to staff, hundreds of other political appointments to fill, and a matter of a few weeks to do it. In the past that was not a problem, as all our previous presidents have had political experience and extensive political connections. But Trump, our first “non-politician” president, has little if any of the resources he needs to get people into the jobs that need to be filled.

So how is Trump going to do it? Why, by asking his supporters to apply for the jobs, of course!

Trump’s transition website, features a link titled “Serve America.” Now, any number of presidents past have called on citizens to serve their country, most notably John F. Kennedy in his inaugural address. But Trump’s “Serve America” link doesn’t take you to a list of organizations like the U.S. Army, the Peace Corps, etc. It takes you to a page inviting you to fill out an application to serve in the Trump administration.

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And Trump isn’t just asking for people to apply to work in the White House. No… In fact, you too could be considered for the next American ambassadorship to the United Nations! A news item posted on the site two days before the election advertises for applicants for some 4,000 positions that need to be filled.

Seriously. There is a “help wanted” ad on the president-elect’s website.


What’s next, TV commercials?

“Americans, do you want to become involved in your god-emperor’s effort to Make America Great Again? Now here’s your chance. Donald Trump is looking for a few good men (and maybe a few “nasty” women) who want to get involved in the effort. Just call the number on your screen, or visit “” to find out how you can be part of President Trump’s greatest project to date! As an added bonus, you’ll receive an 8×10 glossy autographed picture of President Trump with every application. Just send $14.95 for shipping and handling. Don’t wait…call now!!”

We are so screwed.

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