Trump’s Barrage Of Sunday Morning Tweets Were Almost As Bad As His Latest Hitler Rally

I slept in this morning because there wasn’t too much going on when I went to bed. That makes little to no sense on the night of a White House Correspondents’ Dinner — and yet it was true. Don’t get me wrong…I think Hasan Minhaj did a great job. I figured I’d stumble on over to Twitter to see how Trump reacted and found four new tweets and an interview plug, all of which sound, as usual, like they were written by an angry teenager:

Why are you still campaigning, you fascist? Sit the f*ck down and shut up.

Hey…Stupid! The Republicans have majorities in both chambers. Just because you can’t get to 216 out of the 237 you have available doesn’t make it the Democrats’ fault. It means your party can’t govern. Pay attention.

Just because you keep saying things doesn’t mean they come true. The Republican plan took the personal responsibility payment and handed it to insurance companies. Who is trying to bail out donors?


Meh…there’s only so much screaming at my phone while I’m trying to enjoy a cup of joe on my porch in the beautiful Maine spring air that I’m willing to do. That’s when it occurred to me…I really, really, miss President Obama. The man had such dignity and class and yet he could still make an event like the White House Correspondents’ Dinner better than a Comedy Central roast of David Hasselhoff — starring David Hasselhoff.

It was those appearances and the utter humiliation of Donald Trump that started us on this path to futility we all must live day to day, but man…he just nailed it. My first year as a political writer I did 7 pieces on his speech alone, breaking it down into two or three-minute videos with titles about the asshole he just tore to pieces. Of course, that was before “[insert name here] Loses His Sh*t After No F*cks Left Obama DESTROYS Him On Live TV (DETAILS)” Became every other headline on 15 liberal tabloids 10 times a day. Those reports were neither bipartisan nor was the info anywhere near addicting.

Those days are gone, replaced with useless articles about nothing like this one with slightly more enticing headlines that make people want to see what the Butternut Bigot tweeted. Nonsense. He tweeted nonsense. He always tweets nonsense. It’s all he knows.

Oh well…I’ll keep ranting about it until he’s gone. Hopefully you can enjoy your morning coffee first. Such a waste of 15 minutes.

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