Trump Tweets How Hunky-Dory Things Are Inside His White House–Twitterverse Begs To Differ

Lord Cheeto lives in a fantasy world where everything is beautiful all the time, the flowers are constantly in bloom and his staff isn’t full of disgruntled, disillusioned former sheep who leak information regularly to the “fake news” American press. His delusions aren’t anywhere near believable to anyone but him and the 1/5th of Americans who think everything he says is the word of God.

After a morning of lengthy tweets about how awful Obamacare is, how awful Obama’s Gitmo policies were and how great he is because Exxon said “jobs,” commander Candy Corn jumped the shark with this ever-so-reassuring tweet that all is well withing his house:

Who buys this crap? just about nobody. Twitter was quick to respond:

There are many more where those came from. If you’re having a slow day, pop on by the giant Oompa Loompa’s Twitter feed and poke fun at him for a while. It’s incredibly satisfying.

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