Trump Is Getting Torched On Twitter For Gushing Over Julian Assange

One of the best things about following Lord Cheeto on Twitter is reading the comments and replies from everyday people. There was a time when Trump’s Twitter account was covered with idiots and sycophants looking to do nothing but praise him for being such a douchebag. Those days are over, with most of the comments on his tweets now coming from within the pool of 65.8 million people who despise everything about him.

Wednesday morning, trump went on one of his Twitter rants, gushing over the wonderful Julian Assange with an honorable mention for Sean Hannity:

The media coverage was very dishonest, Donald, because only Fox News and Breitbart covered the ridiculous twisting and turning of DNC emails necessary to make them into something they weren’t: a scandal. The Fox News propaganda machine, especially now that Megyn Kelly is leaving, is the best friend you have in this world. That doesn’t make them honest, it makes them corrupt and shows they have zero integrity.

Alas, the rant goes on, with more Fox talking points on display. The intelligence community says the RNC was hacked as well, but since none of the emails were released, because Assange and the hackers were working to get Trump elected, Reince Priebus and the mooks at Fox have spun the narrative that they have superior “anti-hacking” measures and that the whole thing is — you guessed it — Obama’s fault. Trump dragged that narrative out as well in a pair of tweets necessary because presidential communications now have a 140 character maximum:

Ummm…Nobody gave anyone a pass, stupid. Donna Brazille was called out on live television by Jake Tapper, on CNN not Fox, and then fired as a correspondent. The double standard is that while the real media was reporting on what a scumbag you are, Fox News was pounding emails about nothing into the heads of the intellectually challenged base of fools who blindly follow you, somehow mesmerized by your orange glow and perfectly anus-shaped pie-hole.

The Twittersphere went and had a field day with Trump’s idiocy:

The carnage goes on and on. You can pretty much drop by any of Trump’sd tweets these days and join the fun. It may not be productive, but calling him names sure is rewarding sometimes.

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