Trump Voters Confirm Their Neo-Nazism By The Responses To This Hillary Attack (IMAGES)

Donald engaged in yet another uncensored Twitter fit recently, attempting to attack Hillary Clinton by calling her “corrupt.” However, he managed to sneak in a subtle (and by subtle I mean holy crap that’s obvious) bit of anti-Jewish propaganda in the process as you’ll see below.

Donald sent out the following image via his Twitter account. The image was since deleted off his main feed, but as with all things online a copy existed and was widely circulated to share Donald’s bigotry with the world.


Notice anything particular in there? That’s a Star of David being used to highlight word “corrupt.” It’s also is overlaying a field of $100 dollar bills. The bigoted dog-whistle statement is very clear. Hillary is “corrupted” by all of the “liberal Jew money.”

And please, I am sick and tired of politicians creating plausible deniability by running back and “fixing” a picture or deleting a tweet, then blaming it on some intern or other chump staffer that they keep on hand as cannon fodder for these things.

Donald’s campaign isn’t stupid. It’s OBVIOUSLY a Star of David. It’d be like a Republican claiming they didn’t understand what a Christian Cross was, after they used it in some kind of inappropriate manner. They’re stupid but they are never that stupid.

Donald did go back and “fix” the image later as you can see below.


Too late for Donald. Twitter users began savaging him immediately when they saw the image.

If you have any level of doubt about the message and how it was received by Trump supporters, just look at the responses Max Fisher got to his pointing out of the anti-Jewish theme below.




The winner of the match has to go to this fine specimen of conservatism, who tried to say it isn’t anti-Jewish because of the old west.

When can we stop beating around the bush on this stuff? When will people quit screaming that it’s unfair or inappropriate to draw similarities to Neo-Nazi’s when it comes to Donald and his supporters? I’m tired of giving proud bigotry a pass in this presidential election, but more importantly why isn’t the Republican party tired of it?

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