Trump Voting Mom Of Trans Teen Thinks Maybe Electing A Bigot Wasn’t Such A Great Idea After All

Teenage wrestler Mack Beggs made national headlines last month when he won the Texas girls state championship. Even though Beggs is a transgender male, Texas law required him to compete with the gender identified on his birth certificate. During his season and since his state win, Beggs has proven to be an outspoken, confident trans youth who sees the harm the Tangerine Tonka is inflicting on the LGBTQ community. What’s even more fantastic however is not that this amazing young man is rising above the criticism and bigotry of a state that we all know is not the place to grow up in if you dare step foot outside gender and sexuality norms. No, the most WTF eye opener here is his own mother, Angela McNew— who is supportive of her son’s transition–actually voted for the rug wearing thunder nugget currently squatting in the Oval Office.


Over the past few weeks, and in the wake of current bill on transgender bathroom rights being heard in Texas (and probably the bigoted assholes who have attacked her child) McNew has vocally begun questioning her vote:

I think on this journey [Trump] probably should step outside the box and think about all of these children and all of these people, that if you really look at them and the journey they’re taking, would you really put them in their birth certificate?

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Really? You think the Witless Wig actually cares about what does or doesn’t match a birth certificate? He has a history there, you know. Her regret reminds me of a great tweet I ran across:

I mean, seriously. Trump let it be known who he was during the campaign and the Republican Party has certainly never been accepting of the LGBT community.

In fact, let’s all take a looksee at how the right has reacted to her child’s championship win on Twitter:

Never mind Beggs is taking the lowest dose of testosterone allowed, per the state’s own rules and regulations.

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How is Mack Beggs getting around anti-doping rules? How’s that fair to natural females whose records are ruined & also love their sport?

Yet Beggs himself is on the record as not cheating. He’s following all the rules laid out for him by the great state of Texas.

THIS is what his mother supported and now she has regrets? She should have regrets. Instead of researching how her decision would impact her child, she just wanted ahead and voted for hate. It’s disgusting. WTF was she thinking when she cast her ballot?

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