Trump Whined About The Working Class Not Paying Their Fair Share In Uncovered Tweet From 2012

In February 2012, Donald Trump was feeling cheated as an American. That’s because while he worked so hard to figure out ways to screw his fellow countrymen out of taxes he should be paying by exploiting loopholes he probably paid to have installed with illegal Cuban cigars, more than half of Americans paid no income tax at all.

When you’re Donald Trump, that’s just not fair. If the people struggling to get by in this country, otherwise known as the bottom 50 percent of us, don’t pay taxes, he and his friends — or imaginary friends since he doesn’t really have any — may be asked to start paying a few bucks here and there. That could result in doors made of silver instead of gold and one less limousine for the fleet, which would be absolutely unacceptable.

Because…Trump is a man of the people.

Here’s his tweet, screencapped rather than embedded just in case it decides to go the way of “China created climate change” and mysteriously disappear while he’s being asked about it on national television:


There you have it…While Trump was most likely paying zero in taxes while living in the lap of luxury and wanting for nothing, he was complaining about people wanting for things like food, shelter and clothing not paying THEIR fair share despite “crippling debt.” You can reach out and touch the hypocrisy.

The bottom 50 percent of Americans represents the whole of the working class, including the working poor, the disabled, a massive chunk of the retirees who have earned their right to enjoy their golden years and a whole slew of small business owners scraping by while people like Trump screw them out of their last paycheck.

It’s disgusting that such a deplorable man would ever have had the gall to post such nonsense, blaming our country’s problems on the people working hardest to keep hundreds of thousands of families above water while he cheats the system rather than paying HIS fair share.

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