Trump Woke Up Early To Whine About The NYT Sexual Assault Story On Twitter–It Didn’t Go Well

There was never any doubt in anyone’s mind that Donald Trump is and always has been a misogynist creep. The way he’s spoken to and about women has been well documented through the years and cemented in place by his treatment of Carly Fiorina, Megyn Kelly and Heidi Cruz during the Republican primaries. There’s even been a damning story about Trump going on trial for raping a 13-year-old girl, but it seemed that since no charges were ever filed and the case was in civil court, many people were willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.

Unfortunately, after the revelations of the past week that started with the Donald himself on tape admitting to sexually assaulting women, that benefit of the doubt Trump was afforded is quickly disappearing. The story released by The New York Times on Wednesday seems to have sealed the deal, with two women coming forward to confirm their allegations that Trump had touched them inappropriately, just like he bragged about on the Gropegate tape.

Trump’s answer is, of course, to deny it. Rather than do what a rational person would do and simply release a statement brushing it off, Trump has decided to instead go full stupid, waking up nice and early (or waiting until his newly approved tweeting time) to tweet out a nifty little tantrum about it:

Yes, Donald. It must be a fabrication. Especially since you tweeted that it was in all caps. Poor bastard can’t even spell “phony.” He was called out on it almost immediately, so he had to delete that original tweet (which is why it isn’t showing up above) and re-tweet it to avoid looking stupid:

What Trump means by saying “WATCH!” isn’t that the Times will retract the story or that these women are lying but rather that he believes his money and his lawyers will make it go away. Trump is dumb enough to think the Republican candidate for the presidency is just another incarnation of himself who can purchase whatever narrative he likes and mold it with high-priced litigators. Sorry, Lord Cheeto…you’re far too high profile these days. Whining on Twitter won’t help much, either, because your following isn’t as loyal as you think:

It just gets worse and worse. It used to be that when Trump tweeted there were hundreds of his followers waiting to praise him and fend off the people who would dare insult their Master. Not so much anymore. Nowadays Donald seems to be standing on the battlefield with a few sorry martyrs staring down the barrel of an army of angry Americans who are tired of his crap.

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Trump can try to do all the damage control he can afford. The fact is, when something like this happens and the women who have been assaulted by someone like Trump lose their fear of being shunned for coming forward, an avalanche of truth comes out. You can expect some real doozies from the giant Oompa Loompa’s past to surface between now and election day.

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