Trump Woke Up Extra Early Tuesday Morning To Be A Dumb@ss On Twitter

President Douchebag must have had a hard time sleeping Monday night with all the buzz about his entire administration going down in flames. If reports are accurate, not only Trump but Pence, Ryan, McConnell and the entire leadership of the Grand Old Party of corruption could be headed for early retirement. That’s exactly the kind of thing that could have the Butternut Bigot pacing all night (sniff), anxiously awaiting his first opportunity to tweet at around 6AM.

This Tuesday morning he couldn’t wait. He just had to drop a bombshell of biblically stupid proportions on the American people at 5:30 AM blaming a 30-year-old problem on…you guessed it…Barack Obama:

You heard it here first, folks…Obama is responsible for an extremely violent Central American gang that has been putting down roots all across America since Saint Ronny the Napper was in the Oval more than 30 years ago. MS 13, made up mostly of Salvadorans, Hondurans and Guatemalans, are well known for their full body and facial tattoos, making them fairly easy to spot. While Trump would like to pretend that every problem in America happened in the eight years prior to him stealing an election, this may be one of his most ridiculous accusations.

It’s yet another example of Trump selling fear to idiots to keep himself looking like some kind of savior. Oooooh….look at the scary brown people! They sure are scary…and brown. They are an infinitesimal number of illegal immigrants but never mind that, they have tattoos and their own scary name with an unlucky number in it. They are the real problem with America and Trump sure is dealing with it!

Trump is very proud of his immigration policies. He’s been ripping parents from their children for 3 months now. You’ve seen the stories. The “criminals” Trump has found are people with ten-year-old DUI convictions and unpaid traffic tickets. That’s the thing about criminals, Donnie…they tend to know how to not get caught. So, while you continue your roundup of people who work and pay taxes who have lived here for decades while blaming it on criminals, gangs like MS 13 are laughing at you.

As a matter of fact, you idiot, we’re all laughing at you.

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