Trump-Worshiping ‘Patriots’ Use Two Crayons And Zero Facts To Explain Why They Hate Obama (IMAGE)

Well, here it is. A meme that encompasses all that the right-wingers feel was wrong with President Obama.

So, let’s just start with the very first line:

The Most Corrupt President in American History

Seriously? Most corrupt? Have these people not followed any of the current news? Donald Trump’s presidency is the definition of corruption as his cabinet of wealthy cronies establish the most visible oligarchy in American history. The very definition of the word “corruption” embodies what has happened to our Executive Branch since Trump was put into power.

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Hell, in the news cycle over the last couple of days we have been talking about the current President of the United States promoting the products of his daughter’s company while disparaging the name of an American business. Even this morning, Kellyanne Conway told people to go out and buy Ivanka Trump’s fashion line.

Ummm, guys. That IS corruption!

So, let’s assume these asshats live under rocks and don’t really follow the news and they only crawl out of their holes once every few days to post stupid anti-Obama memes. Let’s just assume that for a moment.

Even with that, do they not know ANY history? Do they know nothing of the Nixon Administration? Reagan? Dubya? Hell, even Bill Clinton’s terms were peppered with scandals that could have been considered a far higher level of corruption than President Obama’s administration. FFS, the Obama Administration was not plagued with scandals.

Okay, but that’s just the first line. Let’s continue.

An Islamic Muslim Barack Hussein Obama (Barry Soetoro) spent his days in the White House attempting to bring America down.

Even if President Obama was a Muslim (he’s not) there is absolutely no evidence – zero evidence – that points to President Obama colluding with terrorists to bring down the country. In fact, all evidence points to the opposite.

Just yesterday an 18-page letter from Khalid Sheik Mohammed was released. Khalid is known as the mastermind to the 9/11 attacks and is being held at Guantanamo Bay Prison. In the letter Khalid described President Obama as “the head of the snake” and president of “the country of oppression and tyranny.”

Hmm,  yeah, something tells me this guy isn’t a huge Obama fan. Just a hunch.

He also said President Obama was “a smart attorney, well acquainted with human rights” and then called out our President for his ability to “kill his enemy without trial and throw his dead body into the sea instead of giving him to his family or respecting him enough as a human being to bury him.”

Yeah, let’s just bury that whole Obama is a radical moose-lamb thing. He isn’t.

His unprecedented overreach of power, and unconstitutional use of executive orders and appointments was condoned by House and Senate members who colluded to disregard the Constitution and Rule of Law.

Okay. let’s see here. Donald Trump has signed a total of eight executive orders, issued 12 presidential memoranda and has made four presidential proclamations. One of his executive orders has already been contested and awaits a ruling from federal courts. But, that’s not overreach, right?

While we await the decision, Trump has shit all over the judges who are making the ruling – because that’s respecting “Rule of Law,” right?

Oh, and while President Obama is an actual constitutional attorney, Trump had to be shown what the constitution looks like from Gold Star Father Khizr Khan.

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Barack Obama’s policies favored Islamic Muslim Nations at the expense of America and American Citizens.

For many of us on the liberal side, some of our harshest criticism of President Obama comes on the topic of drone strikes and the loss of civilian life in his continuation of the “War on Terror.” However, to illustrate how wrong this whole idea that Obama “favored Islamic Muslim Nations” let’s go ahead and show Obama’s record on the subject.

The Washington Post published an article last year that says it’s estimated that over 30,000 people were killed in Obama’s anti-terrorism strikes.

In Pakistan alone the number of people killed by anti-terrorism drones sits between 2,500 and 4,000 – as illustrated by the graphic below which covers the start of the drone program under George W. Bush and carried on by President Obama.

Pitch Interactive via The Washington Post

This is not to say that this is a strategy progressives have agreed with, but it certainly doesn’t reflect the absurd right-wing talking point that President Obama “favored Islamic Muslim Nations at the expense of America and American Citizens.”

Man, if all of those dead children is how Obama shows favor, I’d hate to see what he would have actually done to enemies.

Obama’s economic policies added 12 Trillion Dollars to the National Debt, and stagnated jobs and economic growth in America, with a record influx of illegal aliens and foreign refugees, with serious lapse in National Security.

First off, the number is $9.1 trillion, not $12 trillion – but you know, math is hard. However, even with that number, context is key. Under George W. Bush the national debt accumulated $10.6 trillion. During those Bush years, tax and spending policies were changed which automatically handed Obama a $3 trillion increase in debt over his presidency. Then take into account the need for more safety net programs that resulted in Bush’s Great Recession, and the amount of debt that was a default for the Obama years was set without any action from him, at all.

As far as jobs, the December jobs report showed the unemployment rate had dropped to 4.6 percent – a nine-year low. In addition, GDP was up to 3.2 percent, just 8-tenths of a percent of Trump’s robust goal of 4 percent, for which he spewed all over the campaign trail.

I know these won’t be favored by those who share this ridiculous meme because these aren’t facts of the alternative variety but actual real-life facts.

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As far as the claim of “record influx of illegal aliens and foreign refugees,” well it’s just not true, because of course it isn’t. The peak of illegal immigration was in 2007 (yep, that’s right, the Bush years) with a total of 12.2 million people entering the United States without authorization. That number declined over Obama’s administration.

Additionally, the number of unauthorized immigrants in the workforce peaked in 2007 (yep, under Bush, again) at 8.2 million or 5.7 percent. Since then it has dropped to 8 million/5 percent in 2014. Pew notes that immigrant workers are overrepresented in farming occupations (26%) and construction occupations (15%), but in all other industries they are greatly outnumbered by U.S.-born workers.

Barry Soetoro aka Barack Hussein Obama is considered by all Historians to be the most corrupt, and the worst, president in all of American History.

It’s no secret that President Obama went by the name Barry Soetoro, which was his stepfather’s last name, while he was a boy living in Indonesia. However, the name was captured by Tea Party idiots who created a fake Columbia University ID with the name and “foreign student” status.

So basically, anyone who uses that name to disparage Obama and question his authenticity as one of the best presidents in the history of our country is a moron.

Case in point. . .

Of course, this meme could have been summed up with just two words:

He’s black

The right-wingers are able to spew these falsehoods, and even believe them, not due to anything that President Obama actually did. Oh no. They can believe this nonsense because they are racist assholes. Period! (To quote Mr. Spicy Radical Moose-Lambs)

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