Trumpcare Will Save One Industry Devastated By Obamacare

Not many people are happy about the possible destruction of the Affordable Care Act. Having passed the numbskulls in the House of Representatives, the bill known as Trumpcare will now move to the senate, where it will either die by filibuster or live on with yet another rule change. As families and small businesses across America start considering the horrible consequences of not being able to afford to insure their children or their employees, one industry that has been heavily damaged by the drop in uninsured is getting ready to make a major leap forward.

If you’re a funeral director, casket maker or cemetery worker, Donald Trump and the Republicans are your best friend. You just received a potential pool of 24 million new customers and every time someone gets sick enough to kill them, their insurance providers will once again be able to ensure they will no longer be covered for one reason or another, leading to shorter lifespans across America.

Of course, many of those who will die will have spent every cent they have and gone into enough debt for their grandchildren to still feel the effects, but that works in the favor of the cremation industry. While typically less expensive, It takes very little material to create an urn and the market has moved from funeral parlors to eBay and Etsy, where struggling tradesmen sell beautifully ornate works of art to house your dearly departed for a fraction of the cost.

The funeral industry is a vast, $20.7 billion industry. 2.4 million people are already lining up to be interred somewhere every year, and if the new healthcare bill is any indication, that number is about to go way up. Say what you want about Trump and the Republicans; they are definitely looking out for what’s best for the funeral business. It may seem odd that they would care, but like everything else, there’s a dollar figure attached as to why. According to PBS:

Up until 1970’s nearly 100% of U.S. funeral homes were independently owned. Now, roughly 14% of U.S. funeral homes are owned by publicly traded corporations that stand to profit from the growing aged population in America.

Funerals are big business, that’s why. Never doubt the power of the almighty dollar.

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