Trumpcare’s Approval Rating Is Officially Lower Than Kicking Puppies

Call it what you want — the Unaffordable Wealthcare Act, Trumpcare, Ryancare, RepublicansDontCare, or what have you — the hurried “repeal and replace” bill for Obamacare is a disaster in the making. This whole time, Ryan’s been acting like an awkward teenager rushing his first sexual experience, and in the process, is more than happy to f*ck over the entire country.

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Real Americans — urban Americans who make up the majority of the population, multicultural Americans who have many different views and beliefs, and poor rural Americans who voted against Trump — see it for what it is, though: a train-wreck, a disaster, and the bastard promising us this mess isn’t even willing to use lube.

And it’s had a bit of an impact on bill’s popularity:

I should emphasize “bit” there, since its popularity, 17%, means it’s only six points higher than the overall popularity of communism among Americans, and roughly in the same neighborhood as the people as the people who think Congress is doing a “good” job.

The figure comes from a Quinnipiac Poll that was released today. Also of note: according to the polls, 61% of Americans disapprove of the way Trump is handling healthcare. Trump himself is still more popular — for now.

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This whole saga has been sad to watch. His Majestic Golden Shower’s popularity took a swan dive shortly after election night and it’s been plummeting ever since. At this rate, it might even catch up and surpass his healthcare bill, and perhaps even his IQ — and then Bush II can really rest easy, knowing he’s no longer the most hated president in American history by a YUGE margin.

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