WATCH: Trump Supporters Openly Use Nazi Slogans To Discredit ‘Lying’ Press (VIDEO)

I don’t have an introduction to this, because I’m so tired of having to put into context why Trump and his supporters are acting like Nazis. I’ll just tell you what happened.

Trump supporters were shouting the phrase “Lugenpresse” at a recent Trump rally. Lugenpresse, translated as “lying press,” is a phrase that was used by Nazis to attempt to invalidate journalists that were critical of the Nazi party’s actions and rhetoric. Since the Nazi’s couldn’t actually disprove the assertions about them being bad (because they were bad), they just offered the alternate explanation that the press was constantly lying about them. Lying press — does it sound familiar to anything an orange skinned bozo has been saying these past few months?

Here is video capture of the incident.

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The term has seen a recent resurgence in Germany among far-right organizations that oppose immigrants on xenophobic and nationalistic platforms, much to the embarrassment of the rest of the nation.

Trump and his supporters are Nazis, wanna-be Nazis, Neo-Nazis, or whatever the proper term for it is – period. The funny part is that their attempts to say the press, some of whom have reported on their Nazi-like behavior, are liars, the supporters actually confirmed the press was telling the truth.

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