Trumpers Gleefully Celebrate Video Of Child Sobbing While Her Dad Is Arrested By ICE

Romulo Avelica-Gonzalez, a Los Angeles resident was doing what he does every weekday morning, dropping his kids off to school while on his way to work. One block from his 13-year-old’s middle school, his car was pulled over by ICE agents. His wife and daughter watched on helplessly, and audibly as the husband and father of 4 was handcuffed and carted off to an unknown detention center. And they entire thing was caught on video.

His crime? He’d lived in the US for 25 years, and had a DUI from almost a decade ago. Over 10 years before that he bought a car without knowing the registration sticker was incorrect. It would seem this is reason enough to rip a husband, father and provider from his home of 25 years. Apparently, more than reason enough for our Toddler in Chief and his current policy of terror on our immigrant community.

But it’s his Trumphumper’s who of course are rabidly keen to keyboard warrior their unfailing support for his tyrannical tactics.

They’re so brave:

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Yep Elit 3 Lay, Imma skerred of the guy who is rearing his four kids. Please, protect me.

So true, oh, except for the fees.You know the one’s that have tripled since 9/11. Bet Dubrantula doesn’t know that USCIS is one of the few government departments that are self sufficient. Cruz could shut down the government tomorrow and USCIS would be able to lift coat tails and moon at his smug lil tea stained face.

Hmm, Vincent doesn’t look Native American to me. Is Graziano of the Sioux Grazianos?

Such a feel good story. I get all mushy thinking about a father of four sitting in a detention center for serving his debt to society almost a decade ago.

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Dunno about that argument there farmerscs5, I mean the man was carted off in front of said anchor. She’s clearly not doing her job.

Well, Hart, it’s quite simple. You see, they DON’T. They do however live in constant low level anxiety waiting to be picked up, say outside their daughter’s school.

Oh oh. I know this one.

You do have a problem, a big old fat, nasty, festering racist one. Now stop hiding behind the so called law. You act like it’s a big wall protecting you from big scary reality or something. Oh, wait.

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Watch the horrific video below:

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