Trumpflakes Freak Out Over A Bunch Of Americans Holding A Convention In America

The Nation Of Islam is preparing to hold its annual convention in Detroit, and as you can imagine, the poor little Trumpflakes are all upset. The organization, founded in Detroit in 1930, is America’s oldest continuously operated black nationalist organization. The group teaches values of self-reliance and independence to its members. Things that white conservatives claim to love. But you know, these folks aren’t Christians. And they’re black.

The group, headed by Minister Louis Farrakhan, has not been without its controversies. The Nation of Islam’s belief set differs dramatically from that of traditional Islam. Farrakhan has been accused of being anti-Semitic and anti-white. He fits the mold of a demagogue. In short, there is plenty to legitmately criticize him and the group about. But when the Detroit Free Press posted their story about the Nation Of Islam’s upcoming convention on Facebook commenters weren’t interested in the group’s legitimate baggage. No, most commenters were only interested in racism, bigotry, and in at least one case a desire to deport these Americans to…..somewhere.

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The first commenter sarcastically predicted what would follow, and the first reply to his comment proved he was right, even though the person who replied obviously had no clue about what he was responding to.

With that, the fun began. The first few comments were actually reasonably civil, if not always accurate. Then came this. And it was downhill from there.

Jeffrey M. Goldman typified the responses of many with his failure to understand that the people who will gather in Detroit are just as American as he is.

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John Gazd just decided to go full racist, apparently believing that a large gathering of black people means a riot will ensue.

Huey Freeman decided to poke the bear. Brian James, the first to respond, may have a University of Michigan helmet on his profile picture, but he certainly couldn’t have spent much time there.

Josh Gallup was trying to be cute, but wound up showing his stupidity.

And he got being beaten down by facts.

But it is Thomas Hamilton who gets the award for “most clueless comment of the day.”

Hamilton not only flunked grammar, he also obviously never read, or certainly didn’t comprehend, the Detroit Free Press article that spawned the comment thread. Because if he had, he would have known that members of the Nation of Islam are Americans. Where would Hamilton like to have Nation Of Islam members deported to? Cleveland?

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