Trumpholes’ Responses To This Post Prove Why Agent Orange’s Rhetoric Is So Dangerous

History tells us what happens when fascism and intolerance is embraced by nationalists. It happened in pre-World World II Germany, and if you’re unable to see that it is happening in the United States you’re enabling an environment that will allow the next Holocaust to happen right under your nose.

Right Wing News ran a story last night that has really energized their base of absolutely horrible human beings. The title of the post “PISSED Mayor Just Sent Bounty Hunters To Round Up HUNDREDS Of Muslims & Did THIS To Their Mosques” seems to have really caught the attention of those who really just love to hate.

The site Freedom Daily which only seems to care about the freedom of privileged white people who haven’t had their freedoms threatened since their ancestors fled the tyranny of the English King on the Mayflower hundreds of years ago, picked some heartbreaking photos as well. This only fed into the vile nature of the right-wingers’ hate-fest that ensued in the comments.

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I won’t link to the actual story because who really wants to give shitty unknown hate-writer any cash for her rage-blogging? I sure as hell don’t.

First, look at those pictures. Look at the mother in the right photograph, clutching her baby, and the look of terror on her assumed loved one’s face. Imagine fleeing your homeland because you need to protect your children from the death and destruction, only to be met with more violence against you. The thing about this story is this incident didn’t happen in the United States. It actually took place in Hungary, which is also experiencing their fair share of right-wing hate-mongers. The refugees pictured are from Serbia.

However, that didn’t stop these people from rallying around the imported hate. Because apparently America just hasn’t quite hit the level of hatefulness and intolerance these people crave. But, give it time, we are well on our way.

In reviewing the reactions, you can see that just based upon the headline and photos, the vast majority of people liked the story, 265 savages loved it and 219 people who are apparently sadists found this level of human suffering funny.

Oh, and by the way, the comments are far worse by good, God-fearing American Christians. Because this is what Jesus would want, of course.

So, let’s take a look at a few of the biggest fans of this hate-bait article.

Jim Hanson, who commented on the post, thinks we should shoot Muslims like foxes like “when he was a kid” and he thinks people should receive payment for turning in the ears of Muslim people.

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Can you get any sicker?

A quick look at his Facebook profile shows that he’s a good God-fearing Christian. He shares memes about it, which is all the Bible really requires, didn’t ya know?

Maddie also thinks this treatment is a-okay. In fact, she says this mayor is her hero and she also really loves the “Heavenly Father.”

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Maryrose, whose profile was locked down but her likes indicate she loves baby Jesus, thinks Muslims are demons. Hmm, I’m wondering about her view of “human values” which she specifically mentions in her reply, as what she advocates seems largely inhumane.

Ruth also thinks we should ban people based upon their religion and that “no refugees from the middle east should ever touch American soil.”

This is how genocide happens as people just look away.

But, she’s all about God’s perfect timing, so maybe those refugees just need to have more faith? Hmm, that seems like the easy “do absolutely nothing” route which makes sense coming from someone who can paint an entire population of billions of people with the same brush.

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However, this one takes the cake. It seems Michael here is really into the whole hate thing, so much so he advocates hate crimes. He wants all mosques burnt to the ground. Because, that’s American.

It seems he has also married to/partnered with a complete dimwit and the two of them share a Facebook profile because nothing screams “I’m in a secure relationship” like your wife posting under your name and just tagging it *Mindy*.

Can we all just pause for a moment to petty-mock that because you know, these people are a-holes – and then laugh at the complete and utter ignorance shared?

But don’t worry guys, again, they LOVE their Jesus.

We continue to hear from those who seem to have this delusional sliver of hope that we can somehow work with the current administration and the people who voted for them, but please tell me, how do you really reason and work with these people? We aren’t going to persuade them to stop being bigoted assholes. We aren’t going to change their hateful worldview. This is their reality. This is what they spew.

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So, shame and ridicule is the only hope to humiliate them back into the holes for which they crawled from. Banded together, they have power. Sitting quietly in their hate with little organization, they are just your crazy right-wing neighbor.

Perhaps if the “moderates” see how (even though it’s cliche at this point) deplorable these people truly are, they won’t be apt to join their team.

This is NOT normal. This is NOT virtuous. This is a dangerous ideology that needs to go away, not be validated by the President of the United States and his ilk. However, we have years where these people will be validated by the most high office of the land. So, part of resisting is calling out these dregs of our nation.

And, THAT is why we do what we do here at GOPocalypse.

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