Trump’s Accidental Hashtag Is Taking Twitter By Storm, Making Him Look Even Dumber Than Usual

The only thing better than when Trump tweets something absurd is when he tweets something he has to delete because it includes either a dumb ass spelling error he was too simple to figure out the first time or a typo — like the one Tuesday morning that created an accidental hashtag for the world to poke fun at him with.

This was the tweet Lord Cheeto sent out this morning before he deleted it and replaced it without the hashtag:

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Oh, it’s just so easy. #1 in is now trending on Twitter with new replies coming in by the minute. Some of these come with great videos, articles and memes. You can definitely get yourself lost in the world of Trump derp:

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It’s always so much fun when a giant pile of orange puss we’ve all grown to despise gives us something so fun to play with. His own fans haven’t joined the battle, because that would require independent thought and creativity, things reserved for people with some intelligence. Stop on by and have a look. You won’t be disappointed.

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