Trump’s ‘Art Of The Deal’ Ghostwriter Loathes Him, Thrashes Him On Twitter Over Gropegate

Donald Trump loves to talk about what a great writer he is because “The Art of the Deal” has sold millions of copies. He calls himself brilliant. He says it’s the greatest book ever written besides the bible, which he has certainly never actually read, though he may have seen some of the movies.

He loves that book. Unfortunately for him, he didn’t write it. The man who did write it is an author named Tony Schwartz; a man who has become loathsome of Trump and everything he stands for. He has a very short tweet embedded on his homepage identifying him and ripping into Trump:

He read it all right. He brags about it constantly. Schwartz, who says in his profile that he’s the ghostwriter now speaking out and is passionate about changing the way the world works, has been all over Trump and gropegate:

Ivanka can’t seriously believe all of the wonderful things she says about her father, but hey…it’s good for business.

That’s pretty cut and dry. It’s also the same sentiment popping up all over the internet right about now.

Don’t forget that this is a man who spent a considerable amount of time in and around the life of Donald Trump in order to accurately depict his personality. Not that it was ever in question, but this affirmation that Trump is a “repugnant human being” is as credible as they come.

Vegas wouldn’t take that bet. How did the prediction work out?

That’s how the day began for Tony Schwartz.You can follow him on Twitter to watch it unfold further.

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