Trump’s Bloated Ego Quotes Least Reliable Source Of All Time To Declare Himself Victorious (TWEET)

You know what they say. Everyone knows what they say. We’ve all heard what they say. We’ve all repeated what they say. They’re the expert’s after all. They know what’s up. Not only do they know everything, they can also, apparently, decide the outcome of a presidential debate:

Who are they? Who the hell knows. They’re the unnamed sources used by people who don’t know who their sources are. In this case, those unnamed sources are millions of Trump’s Twitter followers he sends to inundate the online polls with votes for the guy who was clearly beaten to hell by his opponent in a debate he simply had no business being in.

They came. They voted. Trump collected the data and decided that they said he won.

Trump actually did use some sources this morning, because he thinks for some reason that people clicking on his name, regardless of their identity, citizenship, voting habits or affiliations, is somehow indicative of what actually happened at Hofstra last night or what happened during Matt Lauer’s failure of a forum two weeks ago.  Here’s a nice list of reasons why Trump thinks he won:

No, Donald…the “final debate polls” aren’t in. For those who don’t recognize where those polls come from, those are the places liberal bloggers go to screenshot racist, sexist, xenophobic, homophobic, Islamophobic comments when we’re writing about the conservative response to…anything. TIME readers are typically fairly neutral, but when you announce they’re running a poll to your 11 million deplorable followers so they’ll go and vote for you, you’ve won the equivalent of “most popular” in the high school yearbook. It feels good and all, but it means absolutely nothing in the real world. The point is, assholes have their hangouts; that’s a nifty quick reference guide.

Hillary Clinton, by contrast, is most likely content to hear the commentary from people with minds of their own who are all saying the same thing: Donald Trump should have stayed home and nursed his cold. Her campaign did Tweet out some thank yous to some nationally respected publications that aren’t propaganda arms of the Republican party who wrote about the reality of the debate:

Newspapers and anyone who wasn’t watching with Trump-sponsored blinders on. Secretary Clinton mopped the floor with Donald Trump. You can see the list of those who agree HERE.

Of course, that doesn’t matter to Trump. The giant Oompa Loompa has built a massive social media following. They just love to follow him around hashtagging themselves into a Trump-induced coma of stupidity. He directs them to these polls with no credibility and they “vote.” Then they log in to their other accounts and vote again. Then they change their VPN server and vote again. It’s all very scientific.

Those of us who know better will trust what we see. What “they” say is best reserved for…them.

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