Trump’s Break Of Dawn Thursday Morning Tweet Threatening UC Berkeley Shows True Desperation

Trump was up and at it early this Thursday morning trying to use his almighty power and the threat of sure bankruptcy to squash a rebellion at U.C. Berkeley that he created. By bringing fascism and the Naziesque propaganda of right-wing extremism to the forefront of American politics, Trump has incited the inevitable rage of the American people. Right around 6:15 AM eastern, Lord Cheeto announced on the official state channel, his Twitter account, that he would take drastic measures against one of the most influential Universities in the country by taking away its federal funding:

Berkeley’s research department is heavily dependent on grants from the federal government because the work it does impacts Americans in almost area imaginable. Some of the brightest minds in the world work there, toiling to solve some of our greatest problems and unlocking the mysteries of our planet and universe. But…that should be shut down because one group of people decided they really don’t think an asshole like Milo Yiannopolis should have such a progressive venue to spout his Trumpaganda and lies.

What President Loompa doesn’t understand; what all of his minions don’t understand, is that all of these protests and all of this anger isn’t the same as when they went loopy because a black man was elected. These are people with minds of their own, not endless fields of Tea Party nitwits spouting off birther lies and debunked Benghazi myths. Those idiots protested because the right to be stupid is guaranteed in the constitution. The current round of protesters are actually watching that same document and the country they love being torn apart by greed and zealotry.

Trump is getting desperate. He thought his election was actually some kind of victory for the daft. He thought losing by 3 million votes was some kind of mandate. He thought the American people would actually just sit back and watch as he destroyed every last bit of progress we’ve made over the last eight years and handed our country to oil companies and the rest of the one percent.

Sorry, butternut bigot…you’ve been put on notice by the American people. It’s unfortunate that a small number of these protests have become violent but really, are you surprised? You managed to hit a disapproval rating higher than 50 percent in just 8 days, breaking Bill Clinton’s record of 537 by nearly a year and a half and making the oval Office the laughing-stock of the free world.

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